Hello, we’re Wyld.


Wyld Supply Co is backed by people who love to run, seek adventure, hike and camp. We are a new outdoor brand headquartered in Toronto, and we’re really happy you’ve found us. 

It started with a Wyld idea. Our adventure as a company is just starting out, though we’re certain that we’re onto something here. As mentioned, we love of being active outside, and we got to thinking: the outdoors are free, so why does gear cost so much? Is outdoor gear becoming a status symbol? Is good outdoor gear and apparel out of reach for many? Since we couldn’t find a cost-effective solution that we liked, we decided to make one. 

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to exploring the great outdoors. 
So our mission is to find and develop great stuff for people who want to get Wyld outside.

From running clothes to gadgets to our own branded line of products, we hope you'll discover something great here on the site to make your next adventure better.

Along with sourcing products from around the world, and developing our own gear, our team includes content creators who love to talk about the outdoors, so we’ll be featuring that over on our blog page. Check back often for the latest. 

Stay Wyld!

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